SJS Awareness Month

August is Stevens – Johnson Syndrome Awareness Month.

You can help spread SJS awareness by contacting your governor and request a proclamation naming August SJS Awareness month. Here is a sample proclamation letter:

Sample Proclamation request letter

Proclamation sample wording:

Whereas, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis  another form of SJS – are severe adverse reactions to medication; and,

Whereas, Almost any medication, including over the counter drugs, can cause SJS; and,

Whereas, SJS affects people of ages and a large amount of its victims are children, and

Whereas, according to the New England Journal of Medicine, over 2 million Americans fall ill and are hospitalized every year from taking these recommended drugs and; of that 2 million that are admitted; over 140,000 are never released; and,

Whereas recognizing the early symptoms of SJS and prompt medical attention are the most invaluable tools in minimizing the possible long-term effects SJS may have on its victims;

Whereas the health and safety of our citizens is of utmost importance and the State of ____________ is committed to raising awareness and supporting all efforts to minimize the effects of life-threatening diseases such as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome; Steven-Johnson Syndrome.

There are many ways you can help celebrate SJS Awareness Month, such as:

Check out our SJS Kids Site for a complete list of ways to celebrate SJS Awareness Month.

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