Alternative Treatments

The Ketogenic Diet has been successful in treating Pediatric Epilepsy

without the harmful sideeffects of anti seizure drugs.

For more information please visit the Charlie Foundation

Honest Medicine; My Dream for the Future,  is a wonderful book written by Julie Schopick

Office of Dietary Supplements: National Institute of Health: Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet

Julie McCawley speaks about the Ketogenic Diet at the Charlie Foundation 2012 Symposium

Julie McCawley speaks at the 2009 Ketogenic Diet Symposium in Scottsdale, AZ

Charlie Abrahams honors Meryl Streep at the 2012 Ketogenic Diet Symposium in Chicago


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The Stevens Johnson Syndrome Foundation (Julie Foundation for allergic drug reactions) is a non-profit organization. The purpose of the foundation is to provide the public and medical communities with information on adverse allergic drug reactions.

Our goal is to make the public aware of adverse reactions, so that a quick diagnosis may be made and the offending drug stopped as soon as possible.