SJS/TEN Survivor Study: Genetic Risk and Long-Term Outcomes
Location: No in person visits required Principal Investigator: Elizabeth J. Phillips, MD
We are recruiting individuals who have been diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson syndrome and
toxic epidermal necrolysis (SJS/TEN) for a national study to look at genetic risk and complications
of SJS and TEN. SJS/TEN is a severe reaction associated with drugs such as allopurinol,
trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (Bactrim) and drug for seizures or mood such as lamotrigine,
carbamazepine, oxcarbazepine and phenytoin.
This study requires
Ø Relevant medical records from your SJS/TEN admission which will be de-identified
Ø Single saliva sample collected by yourself in Oragene-500 (provided) for DNA test
Ø Completion of questionnaires about health following diagnosis of SJS and TEN.
Who can participate
Ø Adults and children self-identified to have had SJS or TEN
Ø Willingness to sign informed consent to participate in a research study

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SJS/TEN Medical Research project Vanderbilt University Medical Center directed by Dr. Elizabeth Phillips

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