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ID: 1486 Time/Date: 12:23:55 PM PST/ 01-29-2013
Name: Christine
Prayer: Please Dear God, lift up the providers and caregivers who are ably and tirelessly working to help all with SJS and especially my friend's daughter, Tracy, to heal and mend from her recent illness, now thought to be SJS. She is sedated and intubated with a rash and so far no other cause for her steep decline after flu like symptoms. Tracy is about 16 years old and a vibrant, loved girl. Please lift and nurture her spirit and body to health. Please be with her father and mother, wonderful people and friends, whose love for Tracy and their other children is awe inspiring. Please give them all the insight, capacity and resource they need to diagnose, heal and restore Tracy to health. And give us all the strength and compassion and love to bear them through. And regardless of the outcome, remind us every day of the beauty and love all around in every moment, help us keep our eyes and ears and hearts open to one another through it all. Amen.

ID: 1485 Time/Date: 10:19:18 PM PST/ 01-27-2013
Name: zussette
Prayer: Please pray for my sister Aileen she is fighting the tens sjs. And for my family for strength to help her get through this

ID: 1484 Time/Date: 09:14:02 AM PST/ 01-15-2013
Name: sharad sahu
Prayer: respected sir,
my cusion brother is suffering from stevens johnson syndrome. we admitted him in gangaram hospital, new delhi, india. he is in criticl condition please help us because we are not from so much well to do family. the treatment cost is so much, if any financial help will be provided from your side, will be a big help to us. thank you.
sharad sahu
gwalior (m.p)

ID: 1483 Time/Date: 07:54:52 PM PST/ 11-12-2012
Name: bella
Prayer: Please pray for my beloved friend Peggy who is newly-diagnosed with SJS. She is diabetic and in poor health.
Thank you.

ID: 1482 Time/Date: 12:01:03 PM PDT/ 09-17-2012
Name: Jacqueline Carr
Prayer: Please keep Keisha Wilson in your prayers as she battles a case of SJS at age 29. It is my prayer tha tGod gives her the strength needed to get thur the pan that it is causing her.

ID: 1481 Time/Date: 01:05:15 AM PDT/ 08-17-2012
Name: Annalise
Prayer: I had never heard of this awful disease until my dear friend of almost 13 years was diagnosed just a couple days ago, and now she is fighting for her life. Her name is Yolanda and she is just 20 years old. She is a strong young woman and can only get stronger with the help of prayers and support. Please please pray for my friend to live through this and live healthy and happy. The Lord works miracles in mysterious ways. This is just a sad time for everyone that loves this sweet woman. Thank you for your prayers. Love always Annalise

ID: 1480 Time/Date: 08:40:51 AM PDT/ 08-14-2012
Name: d tanner
Prayer: Lord cover the individuals that are going thru sjs syndrome. i request the deliverance and healing for these individuals. lord protect them and give them strength in the name of jesus. amen.

ID: 1479 Time/Date: 06:24:54 PM PDT/ 08-08-2012
Name: Maggie
Prayer: Please pray for our dear friend Bill who is currently in the hospital as a result of developing SJS after taking seizure medication. He is already fighting for his life after a recent diagnosis of Stage IV Glioblastoma. After the tumor removal and a few weeks of chemo and radiation, his defenses were down and this adverse reaction has really been a struggle. Please pary for Bill, his wife and two sweet boys that God will help them through this difficult fight.

ID: 1478 Time/Date: 01:57:21 PM PDT/ 07-23-2012
Name: Jean McCawley
Prayer: Please keep Jackie Berntsen in your prayers as she battles a second case of SJS.

ID: 1477 Time/Date: 10:00:13 PM PDT/ 07-08-2012

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