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ID: 1449 Time/Date: 07:37:42 PM PDT/ 04-09-2012
Name: Jean McCawley
Prayer: Please keep 18 month old Mary Therese in your prayers diagnosed yesterday with SJS

ID: 1448 Time/Date: 07:09:15 AM PDT/ 04-06-2012
Name: Jean McCawley
Prayer: Please pray for Kimberly Nixon diagnosed with SJS1941948528

ID: 1447 Time/Date: 03:15:26 PM PDT/ 04-04-2012
Name: Shelley Boettcher
Prayer: Please pray for Missy Alexander from Texas just diagnosed with TENS. She is in San Antonio burn unit and according to a family member will be there for several months. This family needs lots of prayers and support! Thank you!

ID: 1446 Time/Date: 02:46:04 PM PDT/ 04-04-2012
Name: kelly connolly
Prayer: Please pray for my little boy Paul he is only 4 years old and he was diagnosed with sjs two weeks ago.

ID: 1445 Time/Date: 01:53:01 PM PDT/ 04-02-2012
Name: Roshanda
Prayer: My husband Kevin is a SJS survivor released from hospital after 7 weeks, had the aminiotic membrane eye surgery while in ICU and as of Friday 3/30/12 has a hole in his cornea with complete vision loss. Please pray that they are able to save the eye and restore his sight. He is physically and mentally not the same person and I am praying that GOD restores him completelty. He has been denied SSI so please pray for his vision as well as our finances as I was fired from the hospital where this took place and am now only making minimum wage to support our entire family. I know GOD puts no more on you than you can handle, so all the prayers will help, it definitely changes things. Thank you in advance and I will pray for all those survivors and the families of the lost. GOD bless!

ID: 1441 Time/Date: 09:06:38 AM PDT/ 03-20-2012
Name: Ava McDonald
Prayer: I was diagnosed with SJS in June 2011 and overall I am doing great. However, I still have 'skin issues' and simply have days I get discouraged. Several dermatologists have assured me that the skin will return to normal but it helps to hear encouraging words from others who have been through what I'm going through. My prayer request is for God to be glorified through it all. And although it sounds vain, for my skin to return to normal.

Thank you,
Ava McDonald

ID: 1431 Time/Date: 07:38:44 PM PST/ 02-27-2012
Name: Jean McCawley
Prayer: Please pray for 9 month old baby Wilson suffering from SJS.
Please Lord watch over him and heal him.

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