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ID: 1466 Time/Date: 06:48:44 AM PDT/ 05-29-2012
Name: Donna Aho
Prayer: God: I ask you to be with us as we struggle daily with SJS and all of its secondary illnesses. Everyday is different and only 5 good days a month to get out of bed. I ask for more for all of us Lord. I ask research be carried out. Amen

ID: 1465 Time/Date: 09:06:15 PM PDT/ 05-25-2012
Name: Judy Sailor
Prayer: Sending our prayers and thoughts to Andrew and his family. We love you and pray that you will recover soon. Stay strong like you always do when you are playing hockey. Fight Andrew, fight.

ID: 1464 Time/Date: 08:04:23 PM PDT/ 05-24-2012
Name: Valerie
Prayer: Pray for healing and comfort to Annie, hospitalized with SJS in Illinois.

ID: 1463 Time/Date: 09:58:00 PM PDT/ 05-22-2012
Name: Jean McCawley
Prayer: Please keep SJS Survivor Kendra in your prayers for a speedy recovery from periorbital cellulitis

ID: 1462 Time/Date: 09:32:28 PM PDT/ 05-18-2012
Name: Asia Faust
Prayer: I am praying for Julie. My grandfather Eric recovered from SJS he has to wear contact lenses 2. My aunt was researching on this sight. I figured i would submit a prayer. Thank god Julie recovered she is a beautiful girl. I wish the best for you whoever this is going to and Julie. You arent the only ones with someone you love with SJS. Pennacylin is what caused my grandfathers allergic reaction. He is doing much better. He almost didnt survive but prayers and god saved him. I am praying for you julie your mother and whole family. :) I am supporting you guys AMEN god saves life praise him. I am surprise at how simillar my grandfathers symptoms where to yours. There was no ceizuring though. We where thinking about Boston. We go to the Eye and ear facility down in pittsburgh PA. They helped us out so much. He had a surgery for a new cornia. 3rd degree burns covered almost all of his body. He has recovered. Drops and lenses help his eyes. I AM PRAYING SO MUCH :) people who think this can never happen well it can. AMEN you have my full support :)!!!!

ID: 1461 Time/Date: 12:04:51 PM PDT/ 05-18-2012
Name: Traci Lynn Ude
Prayer: I hope the people whom has it. im on lumenal now and im having the fever and chills so i hope the best for eveyone! god bless

ID: 1460 Time/Date: 06:03:15 PM PDT/ 05-17-2012
Name: Wati
Prayer: I had severe dry and inflamation in my left eye so i lost my vision. This because when I was 6 years old I got Steven johnson syndrom. I am 36 now and depend on my sight from my right eye. Sometimes I still fell dry in this eye and put some lyteers drop in it with hope will help. O Lord, please do not take this sight from me until I am back to you. I have read "The Ophthalmologic Management of Acute Stevens-Johnson Syndrome " from Darren G. Gregory, MD in this website. Could this foundation help me to get treatment as referr to his publication?


ID: 1459 Time/Date: 09:16:36 AM PDT/ 05-15-2012
Name: Jean McCawley
Prayer: Please keep baby Allie in your prayers for a full recovery from SJS

ID: 1458 Time/Date: 03:30:52 PM PDT/ 05-09-2012
Name: Jean McCawley
Prayer: Please pray for Jay in NC as he schedules a mucous membrane graft. Please let him be eligable for the PROSE

ID: 1457 Time/Date: 10:26:09 AM PDT/ 05-06-2012
Name: Jean McCawley
Prayer: Father God we lift 4 year old Rocco up in prayer. Please Lord heal this sweet little boy. Let him have a full recovery and no side effects. We ask this in your son Jesus name. Amen

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