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SJS Support Group Facilitators

If you would like to volunteer to be a SJS Support Group Facilitator please complete the below application and mail to:

    Stevens Johnson Syndrome Foundation
    PO BOX 350333
    Westminster, CO 80035

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at: (303) 635-1241 OR email us at: sjsupport@aol.com

[ Click here ] to download the SJS Support Group Facilitator application.

Important notes for Voluntary Support Group Facilitator:
Not every group does the same thing. Each group may have different results because of the individuals involved. Patients will receive encouragement by meeting others who have overcome SJS challenges like your own. Facilitators would meet with other SJS patients and share your feelings and experiences. Most patients have been told that they will never meet another person that has had Stevens Johnson Syndrome. As a support group facilitator you will be able to provide them comfort from knowing that they are not alone. You may be contacted by persons with a family member presently in the hospital with SJS. They are desperate to meet with someone that can help them understand what is happening. Please provide them with an SJS Fact Sheet.

The Foundation will provide your contact information on our website so interested parties may contact you directly. Facilitators are not to give medical advice. If asked for medical advice please refer the patient back to their healthcare provider.

Below are the current contacts for the SJS Support Group Facilitators in your area (USA).
Dawn Bundick
Email: dbundick@gci.net
Debra Moulton
Email: moultondebra@yahoo.com
Kamna Narain
Phone: (925) 216-4746
Email: kamnanarain@yahoo.com

Jamie Barrara
Southern California, LA Area
Phone: (951) 443-3252 or (951) 956-5077
Phone calls in Friday and Saturday 6pm to 9pm
Email: perrisafterdark@hotmail.com

Jeanne Packey
Phone: (559) 840-1327
Email: packey2468@yahoo.com
Central California
Jean McCawley
Westminster, CO
Phone: (303) 635-1241
Email: sjsupport@aol.com
Grace Adley
Phone: (203) 430-9014
Email: sjsgrace64@aol.com
Sonia Francis-Berges
South Florida
Email: carolcitymama@hotmail.com
April Robinson
Atlanta, GA
Phone: (404) 968-3502
Email: april_jones1@hotmail.com

Tikeenia Campbell White
Savannah, GA
Phone: (912) 925-0714
Email: keeny333@yahoo.com
Nichole Willis
Halsted, KS
Phone: (316) 833-3760
Email: nknbwillis@att.net
Jill Kleeman
Owings Mills, MD
Phone: (410) 356-8933
Email: msstationery2@comcast.net
Jami L. Klein
Athens, MI
Phone: (269) 729-4148
Email: Jamilynn42@yahoo.com

Cindy McNally
Detroit area
Phone 1: (989) 737-8321 (home)
Phone 2: (989) 737-8321 (cell)
Email: rhettswoman1955@yahoo.com
Cheri O'Neill
Detroit Lakes, MN
Phone: (218) 847-4773
Email: dance@tekstar.com
Website: www.stevensjohnsonsyndrome.ning.com
Michelle Riley
Barnhart, MO
Phone: (636) 467-5790
Email: mdawnjames@yahoo.com
Marla Daniel
Las Vegas, NV
Phone: (702) 349-8122
Email: marlafd@yahoo.com

Las Vegas
Elizabeth Scarantino
Phone: (702) 457-6047
Email: elizabethscarantino@yahoo.com
New Jersey
Regina Adamousky
Edison, NJ
Phone: (908) 227-0128
Email: reg29320@yahoo.com
New York
Gina Brancato
East Northport, NY
Phone: (631) 754-3540
Email: summer1432@hotmail.com
North Carolina
Mary J Quick
Durham, NC
Phone: (919) 384-9471
Email: Kirasims@yahoo.com
Becky Lucas
Westerille, Ohio
Phone 1: (614) 891-1840 (home)
Phone 2: (614) 325-0417 (cell)
Donna Pittman
Oklahoma City, OK
Phone: (405) 631-8022
Email: tyger4@aol.com
Robert McMillen
Beaverton, OR
Phone: (503) 356-8511
Email: Bob@alltech1.com
Christine Ballentine
Philadelphia, PA
Phone: (215) 331-1055
Email: ballentine@blankrome.com

John Hornberger
Central Pennsylvania's Susquehanna Valley
Phone: (570) 648-3208
Email: jrhorn@ptd.net

Mark Pilarski
Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: (724) 449-0093
Email: markdp21@yahoo.com
South Carolina
Pam Shields
Boiling Springs, SC
Phone: (864) 578-3142
Email: shieldsp@charter.net
Mary (Katie) Niemeyer
Austin, TX
Phone: (512) 825-3930
Email: Jakaeab@mindspring.com

Lisa Reyna
Houston, Texas
Phone: (713) 988-5449
Email: LLreyna@yahoo.com

Sabrina Reyna
Victoria, TX
Phone: (361) 218-7363
Email: svasquez0714@gmail.com
Bridget Stout
Phone: (801) 214-5972
Email: bes120457@gmail.com
Tellis (Ted) LaMar Jr.
809 Madison Ave. NW
Roanoke, VA. 24016
Email: tlamarjr@gmail.com

Deborah Bareika
Suffolk, VA
Phone: (757) 745-0135
Email: dbareika@yahoo.com
Kendra Schmidt
Menasha, WI
Phone: (920) 734-2628
Email: Kendraschmidt@new.rr.com

Below are the current contacts for the SJS Support Group Facilitators in your area (Mexico).
Veronica Ferreyro Salazar
Phone: (55) 4624-1478
Email: veronica@sindromestevensjohnson.com
Website: www.sindromestevensjohnson.com
Support Group: [Click here] for SJS Spanish Support Group
Place: Mexico City

Maria Teresa González Méndez
Phone: 52 984 803-2349
Email: maytegonzalezmendez@hotmail.com
Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

Adrian Navvaro
Phone: 33 1660 3256
Email: janux.gdl@gmail.com
Guadalajara, Mexico

Below are the current contacts for the SJS Support Group Facilitators in your area (Canada).
Helen Milne
Victoria, BC
Phone/Fax: (250) 474-0898
Email: milnesjs@shaw.ca
Website: MilneSJS

Below are the current contacts for the SJS Support Group Facilitators in your area (Europe).
Edgard Devaux
Phone: 08 11 03 46 48 , 06 87 57 59 99
Email: edgard_devaux@yahoo.fr
Website: [ Click here ]
Pieter Hoeberichts
Meeuwenlaan 49
2352 CR Leiderdorp
Phone: **3171 5231944
Mobile: **316 18554541 Email: sjsupport@live.nl
Phone: 349 505 72 32
Skype name: tatipapounette
Email: zora.kacemi@sjlionlus.it
Website: http://www.sjlionlus.it/
Carol Kerr
Phone: 01292263699
Email: carol.kerrl@hscali.co.uk
Website: Swedish SJS/TEN Support Group
United Kingdom
Susie Orme
S Yorks, UK
Phone: 07980 740472
Email: susie.orme1@btopenworld.com

Nadier Lawson
SJS Awareness UK
Email: info@sjsawareness.org.uk
Website: www.sjsawareness.org.uk
Mobile: 07507 85 55 58
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