Bullying Resources for School Administrators

  • Misdirections in Bullying Prevention and Intervention [click here] This fact sheet describes effective and ineffective strategies for preventing bullying.
  • Best Practices in Bullying Prevention [click here]
    This fact sheet provides the 10 best strategies that represent “best practices” in bullying prevention and intervention.
  • Providing Support to Children Who Are Bullied: Tips for School Personnel and Other Adults [click here]
    This document provides suggestions to adults on how to support a child that is being bullied.
  • How to Intervene to Stop Bullying: Tips for On-the-Spot Intervention at School [click here]
    This document provides suggestions for on-the-spot interventions and follow up for bullying situations.
  • Bullying At School [click here]
    This document outlines California state and federal laws regarding behavior and discipline issues. It includes information about current studies documenting the effects of bullying on a student’s ability to learn and succeed. Proven strategies addressing bullying are also shared.
  • Making a Difference in Bullying [click here]
    This link provides a detailed summary of research and interventions from the Canadian pioneers in bullying prevention.
  • Bullying At School Information [click here]
    This website has information to enable teachers, parents and young people to share ideas about how bullying should be addressed.
  • Bullying Prevention Is Crime Prevention. [click here]
    This document is a good resource for schools just beginning to learn what is available in bullying prevention. It provides the background of bullying as well as descriptions of effective and ineffective programs.
  • Schoolwide Prevention of Bullying Manual [click here]
    This booklet summarizes the research and literature on bullying, provides examples of how Northwest schools are addressing the issue and gives suggestions for adapting these ideas.
  • Fighting the Bully Battle: Discussion Activities for School Communities [click here]
    This discussion guide was created to help school personnel understand, prevent, and respond to bullying in schools. It contains information about bullying and has lesson plans for the classroom.
  • Stop Bullying! Guidelines for a Schools [click here]
    This is a guide written by the New Zealand government and police for schools to deal with bullying. Suggestions are provided for school communities, teachers and students. This guide provides practical advice that can be adapted for a variety of schools.
  • Preventing Bullying [click here]
    This document provides an overview of bullying including a description of bullying, prevalence rates, the impact of bullying on students, and what schools and students can do to counteract bullying.
  • The ABCs of Bullying: Addressing, Blocking, and Curbing School Agression Prevention and Intervention – Teachers [click here]
    This is a fact sheet for teachers. It gives them guidelines on what they can do to create a healthy environment physically and emotionally.
  • Educational Forum on Adolescent Health: Youth Bullying [click here]
    This is a very comprehensive document from the American Medical Association that focuses on youth bullying with the goal to reduce injury and violence among adolescents.
  • Bullying is Not a Fact of Life [click here]
    This document was written for parents and school personnel to take steps toward preventing school bullying. Information about the Make Time to Listen – Take Time to Talk initiative is included in this document.
  • Best Practices in Bullying Prevention-Helping Youth Change Aggressive Behavior [click here]
    This fact sheet is a short document that presents the ABC’s of how to prevent bullying.
  • Creating a Peaceful School Learning Environment: The Impact of an Anti-bullying Program on Educational Attainment in Elementary Schools [click here]
    This link provides information about how students participating in this anti-bullying program for two consecutive years improved their academic test scores.
  • Action Against Bullying: A Support Pack For Schools. [click here] This link provides a resource package for schools wanting to implement anti-bullying initiatives.
  • Stop Bullying Now! Presenting Practical Research-Based Strategies to Reduce Bullying in Schools. [click here]
    This website provides research based information about that is helpful to school staff, parents, and bystanders.
  • Anti-bullying [click here]
    This resource provides practical advice, information and video downloads for parents and schools.
  • A Model Policy for Schools: Model Anti-Harassment Policy [click here]
    This link contains a model school anti-harassment policy created by the ACLU.
  • Bullying Model Programs [click here]
    This link provides a list of model anti-bullying programs from the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Student Handouts: What is Bullying? [click here]
    Student handout from St. Michael School, Independence, Ohio
  • Bullying Prevention Is Crime Prevention [click here]
    This link provides a report from Fight Crime: Invest in Kids on the importance of bullying prevention programs.
  • Hostile Hallways: Bullying, Teasing, and Sexual Harassment in School [click here]
    This link contains a report from American Association of University Women on bullying, teasing, and sexual harassment in schools.
  • Student Reports of Bullying [click here]
    Report from National Center for Education Statistics that examines the nature of bullying and victimization.
  • Exploring the Nature and Prevention of Bullying [click here]
    U.S. Department of Education web-based training course for educators.
  • Olweus Bullying Prevention Program [click here]
    This is a link for a training program for use in elementary, middle, or junior high schools.
  • The Steps to Respect Program [click here]
    This is a link for a training program offered by the Committee for Children regarding bullying prevention.
  • Center for the Prevention of School Violence [click here]
    This is a link to a resource center and think tank organization that promotes safer schools.
  • Steps to Address Bullying at Your School: Tips for School Administrators [click here]
    This document gives suggestions to administrators for dealing with bullying.
  • Documenting Bullying at Your School: Tips for School Administrators [click here]
    This document gives suggestions to administrators for documenting bullying incidents.
  • The ABCs of Bullying: Addressing, Blocking, and Curbing School Aggression Prevention and Intervention – Administrators [click here]
    This is a fact sheet for school administrators. It provides guidelines on what administrators can do to address bullying in their school. Information is included provided on for victims, bullies and bystanders.

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